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sacred spaces

sacred spaces



I love the beginning of a new year.

There's something so refreshing, so hopeful about January 1st. I've been thinking about my new years resolution for several months now but wanted to allow myself room to rest after the holiday season before diving right in. Fall & winter are always my busiest times & this year was no exception. From traveling for my full time job, to freelance work & the holiday hustle & bustle, I am plumb worn OUT. Things always slow down come January so I welcome it with open arms!

In review, 2016 was the most refining year of my life to date. The beginning of the year kicked off with an unexpected relationship (literally began on NYE) with my now boyfriend, Eric. I'd been single for nearly two years when he entered my life. Our relationship has challenged me & grown me in ways I never thought a relationship would. It has been the best gift. On top of that, I struggled with where I wanted my freelance business to go. I've been shooting for 8 years now and with my move to Nashville I'd been feeling a big of a tug with it, especially in this new season in my personal life. To be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. I'm now in my thirties and desiring consistency (can you say #adulthood) something that is often hard to find in my line of freelance work, especially when you're in a new market. I began praying for direction with my photography about halfway through the year & ended up getting hired to work as a full time product photographer here in Nashville. It was a huge blessing but has not come without its highs & lows as I try to find the balance between life, my relationships, freelance work and now a full time gig.

I also celebrated my one year moving anniversary here in Nashville on July 3rd. It was a year full of equal parts adventure & challenge. A year full of questions. I truly felt myself come into my own skin in 2016. Moving away from all of my comforts was the hardest thing I've ever done and continued to do even in the moments where I wanted to throw in the towel. But, I pushed myself & walked through the hard moments instead of running from them. This was a year that broke me in the best ways imaginable and I am better off for it (and pretty damn proud of myself for not giving up!)

Now, at the beginning of a new year, I want to be more alive & more present than ever. I want to allow myself room to LIVE my life and not just be addicted to a screen. I've decided to embrace the sacred spaces once again - to save room for myself, for my relationships & the experiences God is giving each day. I get so caught up in the rat race or feeling the pressure to blast every moment of my life & work in hopes of remaining relevant or gaining business. But, as I've sifted through these thoughts, I've come to the realization that at the end of the day it just does not matter. Life can be whatever I create & hope it to be...and I am so happy with life currently that I don't want to miss it. So, I will remain in my efforts to keep it simple this year - to dwell in & hold close the sacred spaces as my time is so limited here on earth. My hope is to back away from social media & only allow my website to be where additional thoughts & imagery go.

I am starting over with this new site in hopes to make the content easier to access & also give a cleaner look. I'm hoping to write more, post more photography & share inspirations along the way. So, welcome! I hope you feel encouraged along the way.

Happy New Year!

xo, Abby

srt + john

srt + john